Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{The Myrtles}

The Myrtles Plantation is one of the south's most haunted homes, found in St. Francisville, Louisiana.

The plantation is home to at least 10 ghosts, who often make appearances during the night and DAY...according to our tour guide. With a constant rotation of guests booking overnights at this haunted residence, there are countless stories of footsteps, door slams, bed imprints and more.

As soon as you cross over onto the plantation's land, something in the air shifts. The moss covered creepy trees provide so much shade coverage it was a few degrees cooler, per my incredibly accurate internal thermometer. I'm also open to the possibility that it had nothing to do with the shade, instead,  ghosts were following us around and fanning cool air in our direction as we strolled across the grounds.

We had an incredibly spirited tour guide, who worked in a ton of history and scary stories that are usually reserved for the night tour. Which I'm sorry, but people are dumb for taking. He claims all of the ghosts are friendly, but did let us know that a few people have been startled when the woman who was hung from a tree appears in her bedroom...swinging. Rope and all.

This mirror is one of the houses oddities. It's impossible to clean, even though they've had it stripped and re-mirrored several times. The black film returns, as do the drips. Also, that gray blurry thing in the mirror? Is it dirt...or a reflection. Preeeetty sure that wasn't there when I took the photo. Chills.

The hanging woman died here. 
So sad, it's no wonder she's not ready to move on. I would totally be pissed.


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