Monday, June 18, 2012

{Crawfish Boil}

The last of my new orleans photos that I'll be sharing on the blog are a bit of a mixed bag, which I've dumped into one post (kind of like a certain seafood, veggie, spicy boiled dinner item - clever, I know). Quick snapshots of some of the big highlights on the trip. As sad as I am that this trip is over, taking the time to revisit each day and each memory has made my time in the south much more special.

It's definitely hard to narrow it down, but I have to say that Commanders Palace was the best experience of the entire trip. Kenz surprised Devin & I, making reservations for the restaurant's famous brunch more than a month before our trip. Three full courses, mimosas & bellinis, live jazz sang at our table, personal waiters who lowered each dish in a clearly rehearsed theatrical manner, a maƮtre d' who insists on escorting women to the restroom with linked arms, pale blue searsucker suits and loud southern accents...that morning was incredible, and I'll never forget it. Thank you times a million kenz.

{my future house}

{a southern delicacy}

{drive-thru shrimp po boy stand & a louisiana sunset}

{Jackson Square - the site of our psychic readings}

{daiquiris & putting our toes in the river}

  {my first experience eating baby lobsters crawfish, the only veggie on the menu (fried cauliflower?), and red beans & rice. A true southern meal)

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