Thursday, April 26, 2012

{Stuft: A Burger Bar}

The new "build your own" concept is something very intriguing to me. The kind you hand select exotic ingredients off a piece of paper, building your perfect entree from the plate up. Not to be confused with a buffet. Because it's clearly completely different and much more snobby foodie friendly. (Buffets, psh!)

I've now ventured out to try two build your own burger places, Indulge in Scottsdale, and Stuft in Fort Collins, Colorado. Devin & Darren recommended we check out this restaurant on a sunny weekend day while I was visiting the cute town and I gladly agreed after a couple hours of vigorous window shopping. I'm almost positive they had to drag me out of the rainbow Le Creuset section of my favorite shop in Old Town, The Cupboard, likely kicking & screaming since I still hadn't had my full hour perusing the cookbook section. The injustice.

Then again, a loud stomach grumble is the fastest way to kick my speed walking into high gear. So off to Stuft we ventured. The interesting thing about this restaurant, you can either pick one of the staff suggestions & locals favorite combos, or come up with your own. You can give your original burger combo its own name, and if it's delicious enough to wow the employee judges, it might even get added to the list one day.

After all the creative thinking I could muster, I named mine "The Katherine". Mixed Greens, melted pepperjack, sauteed mushrooms & onions, guacamole, with BBQ and Mustard on the side. Oh, and on a brioche bun. Lordy.

I would attempt to remember what Dev & Dar ordered, although I'm fairly sure I didn't even notice when their food got delivered. I was already on my way to being completely stuft. Ha! Anywho, you should check it out because the photos don't even do it justice. It was fantastic!



  1. I just went to Indulge a few weekends ago. I was pretty impressed with my burger, but I guess I made it up, so of course I would be! This place looks fab and I love your choice of toppings... mmm i want a burger now!

    1. Oo Indulge is so good! I had a turkey burger the last time I was there, surprisingly so so good. Now I want a burger too...haha.


  2. I think thats a fun place! Those fries look ah-mazing!

    1. I totally snuck a few off her plate, and can tell you they were ah-mazing!


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