Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{A Party Sweater}

 sweater: urban outfitters, leggings: nordstrom, scarf: somewhere fabulous in italy

watch: michael kors, belt: banana republic, bracelet: banana republic, ring: forever 21

The idea of getting ready to host a party, especially filled with awesome guests you don't know who are coming to show their support of a project that is pretty important to you, is frightening enough without also having to plan out an outfit knowing that all of the people coming to said party have serious style. Also keeping in mind that you live in Arizona and it's January, which usually means its freezing when you leave the house, sweltering from noon-six, then freezing again until the next day.

Conditions were perfect to send a certain someone into a panic and force them to shop the three out of four nights leading up to the party, only to find the perfect sweater at 9 p.m. the night before. Hallelujah. Weight, lifted. It is the perfect hazy lavender color, intertwined with gold thread flecks that you notice when you're up close. You could even say it has a bit of sparklefarkle.

*Thank you to mr. john scott for taking these pictures, you're a pro! You must have a lot of practice or something.


  1. Your outfit was so cute! You're going to seriously have to teach me how you get your hair to look so perfect...obsessed.

    The Klury Report & Kini Style

    1. I'd love to! So easy I promise. One of these days I need to post a tutorial on the blog.

      ❤ Katherine


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