Monday, November 21, 2011


As we kick of this wonderful week of thankfulness, I'm stopping by the blog amidst my extreme vacation fun-hangover to give a special shout out to my BFF Devin. 

The reason behind the radio silence on the blog, I've been in Colorado for the past 5 days visiting Dev & having the best time. Certain things get in the way of consistent blogging, and I'm happy to say vacation is the #1 reason!

As I attempt to get resettled into the real world after our fantastic long weekend, I find myself so happy to have Devin (and the rest of her awesome family) in my life. To say she's been there through thick and thin is an absolute understatement, and I loved getting to spend her birthday weekend in CO this year. Devin is one of those friends that just gets me, down to the last weird & dorky quirk. We've been best friends since we were 4 and 5, and I can only imagine what the next 5, 15, infinity years will bring. 

What are you feeling thankful for this week?

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