Friday, September 9, 2011

{Finding Inspiration: Links}

Hello friends! Isn't it incredible how quickly a four day week can pass, mostly because it is WAY busier than you ever expected it to be? I met up with my friend Courtney on Tuesday for coffee, to do a little blog chatting, brainstorming, and mostly catching up. While we were there, she surprised me with the BEST early birthday present ever.

How lucky am I?? Friends are amazing.
Thank you times a million Courtney!

  • Any engaged couples out there? My talented cousin makes the most amazing custom wedding cake toppers, designed to match the couple perfectly, down to the wedding dress style and flower colors.
  • For apple lovers, this mac shortcuts poster would be perfect for decorating your office. In fact, all the posters from the shop are lovely!
  • There is something so romantic about the idea of packing up and leaving with no destination in sight, and this photo would be a great reminder.
  • I was so very amused when I first looked at this work by Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli. It also makes me want to go re-organize something.
  • With a good book. I finally told myself to stop procrastinating, and bought this well-known story from half-price books last weekend. I'm not done yet, so don't tell me know it ends! I love it so far.
  • Something that helps my week go by much smoother? Planning meals the weekend before. Now I have a cute stack of these printables to do it on!
  • A difficult, but important decision. I choose both.
  • I'm officially ready to have a Christmas movie watching party, and want to serve these adorable hot drinks! A perfect lattice takes practice, haha so I better start now.
  • I sadly can't eat these treats (nut allergies are the worst), but can't get over how beautiful and delicious they look. Anyone want to be my taste tester?
  • Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites... for breakfast, lunch, snacks, party finger food, sporting event or something else? I can't decide, possibly because I'll find any excuse to eat them.
Happy Friday!


  1. Christmas movie watching party? I am in! haha
    love the links this week!

  2. What is your gift? I can't tell...

  3. Love that little ring holder! Isn't Courtney the best? :) I love her.

  4. Bri - Yes, a Christmas movie watching party would be so fun! I'm okay with starting to watch Elf now:)

    Aki - Kara's right, it's a jewelry/ring holder. Cute right?

    Kara - We must get HH soon, all of us together!

    ❤ Katherine


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