Monday, August 8, 2011


 Looking forward to a weekend filled with friends, dinners, brunches, shopping & soaking up some sun, turned into a hazy mess of kleenex, congestion & boyfriend pampering.
The majority of my weekend looked like this:

Cold medicine, crazy dreams from my daily dose of nyquil, Pho, chicken noodle soup and crackers to munch on to offset the nausea. Who gets nausea with a head cold?! Apparently me.

Thank goodness my wonderful boyfriend stuck around to keep me alive. We squeezed in a (heavily) medicated trip to breakfast with a favorite out of town visitor & friends, which got me out of the house to breathe the fresh air for at least a moment. 

Hope your weekends brought a little more sunshine and fun!


  1. Hope your feeling better! My allergies have been knocking me down and all i want to do is stay in bed!

  2. I totally get nauseous when I have head colds. It's the worst!


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