Friday, August 19, 2011

{Finding Inspiration: Links}

This week has been a bit of a doozy. A day off spent in various auto shops (thanks to this), a small panic attack during a freeway tire explosion (one of my biggest fears...then it happened), the tickle in my brain of an upcoming migraine, work stress and scatterbrained thoughts/actions that I just can't get to go away. Thank goodness for Chris, and my mom who will take a phone call at any hour of the day. Seriously, thank goodness for those two.

  • Anderson Cooper giggle. It kills me every time.
  • Midnight in Paris. I LOVED this movie, mostly because it made me reminisce about Chris & my summer european vacation last year. I miss the city of lights like you wouldn't believe. It's still playing in some small theaters if you can find it!
  • The best burger recipe I've ever made, it's my go-to. With chipotle grilled onions as well? Mmm! I made them this week, with pretzel roll buns from trader joes instead of kaiser rolls. Holy. Pictured above!
  • White bean and spinach salad. Made it and loved it (even if the boyfriend wouldn't touch it...haha!)
  • Anything with peaches! They are so cheap at the markets right now. Try these peach crumble bars, or more traditional peach crumble. I made the traditional kind for dessert this week, and threw in some ripe pears. It was fantastic.
  • This recipe intimidates me.  But another excuse to use peaches? I might go for it!
  • I got a pedicure at the roose parlour & spa last night, and was so impressed! The locally owned shop can be found right off roosevelt. I felt like I was at home, hanging out with friends while I was there. We had such a great conversation I didn't even have time to read my magazine! I'm already itching to make an appointment to get my hair cut there.
  • Handmade cards from this shop. How cool! One of my favorites might have to be this, but could only be used for VERY special people. 
 Happy Friday!


    1. Sorry to hear about your rough week my dear. I'm always here no matter what you need - just give me a call! :)

    2. Thank you so much, Page! The week is looking up. Just happy the weekend is almost here:)

      ❤ Katherine

    3. It's eight am and I'm craving burgers. Of course.

    4. Haha! Sorry about that:)

      ❤ Katherine

    5. Crazy that you went to The Roose! My fiance has been getting his hair cut there for awhile now and keeps telling me to make an appointment because I'd love it! You've inspired me even more to do so! :)

    6. Love all your picks here! That burger recipe sounds sooo good! :)


    Reading your comments is the best, it makes my day! ❤K