Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{La Grande Orange}

La Grande Orange, or LGO, has been bumped to a high spot on my list of favorite breakfast places after Chris & I took a trip there in search of 'egg dishes' for breakfast. We just felt like eating eggs. And after dragging him to the Saturday morning farmer's market, a hearty breakfast was in order.

We yelped, googled, and racked our brains to find somewhere to go for breakfast. We even creeped by Matt's Big Breakfast (which I have heard endless great things about), but the line was wrapped around the building and we were not about to wait. So it will continue to sit on my AZ bucket list. 

I've driven by LGO many times, and even pulled in once to check it out. Unfortunately parking there is a NIGHTMARE, partly because the lot is so small, and partly based on its popularity. Before, I was in a hurry and let my patience get the best of me & peaced out after about 2 minutes of constant almost collisions. People in AZ do not know how to drive, let alone back out of a parking space. 

Anyway, we pulled up to LGO and found a spot pretty quickly! 
Next to a Lamborghini with butterfly doors. Actually. 
My poor (thankfully recently washed) Corolla...

The line, the bustling loud store/restaurant, being bumped by servers sprinting and elbowed by hungry eyed customers was so worth it. Chris ordered eggs with sausage, which came with fresh fruit, toast, and the best homemade mystery jam I've ever had. I think it was marionberry? Mmm.

I got the commuter sandwich with egg & ham. I had no idea, but they make the english muffins fresh every morning! They were chewy and absolutely delicious. They even sell them in packages of 6 or 8 (I can't remember which) to take home with you, which I will definitely do from now on! The sandwich was huge too, it was perfect for breakfast, and also for my lunch. Next time I want to try it with avocado, and see if I can search out some hot sauce. Both additions would have made the perfect breakfast sandwich!


  1. oh my gosh I have been wanting to go to LGO for soo long! I too, was too impatient for my first attempted visit! Looks delish! :)

  2. i is looking at plane tickets right now tryin to get a cheap price to az... if i find a pleasant price i will be eating at this place


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