Thursday, June 30, 2011

{Kissing Statues}

As I get older, it is hilarious (and scary) for me to notice all of the similarities between my mom and I. We don't really look alike, we don't sound alike, but boy do we act alike! 

We do kiss statues similarly. 

During our first afternoon tour around Sedona, we received a recommendation to visit the shopping center Tlaquepaque. Which I have no idea how to say out loud.  The buildings are hidden from street view, nestled back in a well shaded area perfect for strolling through the various art galleries and shops open for business.

We popped in and out of almost every store, looking at beautiful art, crystals, turquoise jewelry, and cute kid things. We headed back to the hotel early, since we were both tired from the travel day and excited to watch the sunset. 

The next morning we were up early for our nature hike, which was full of many jittery steps, a fear of high altitude, funny photos and laughs. We even took a few videos.

& then kissed some more statues. 

And when I wouldn't kiss the statue, she instead made me stand in approximately 100 different places to take photos of me and the scenery. It's hard to argue with someone who just bought you breakfast (but I certainly tried! :))

The rest of our day was spent strolling the town and enjoying all of the weird new age awesomeness it had to offer. Most importantly, we enjoyed time together. Cheesy as it may be, nothing beats mother daughter time.

Which came to a very delicious close. 


  1. I look forward to your blog posts every day! I absolutely love all of it, and your photography skills are amazing! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to every day :)

  2. LOVE Sedona! It's so gorgeous. I always find myself feeling significantly more "new age" when I'm there...

    The last time my fiance and I were there, we wandered around Tlaquepaque to see the sights. This was before we were engaged, but there was a huge bridal show going on and a woman in a tiny chapel tried so badly to sell us her wedding package! We were awfully tempted to drop $400 to get married in the historic chapel in Tlaquepaque! It doesn't really get any more romantic than Sedona :)


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