Monday, May 16, 2011

{Phoenix Public Market}

Thanks to a relaxing night in on Friday night, I was up extremely early on Saturday morning & ready to start my weekend! I made coffee, poured it in a tumbler, threw on an outfit & was out the door by 8:15 a.m.

I've decided to try and make more of an effort to buy local. From now on I'll be buying more produce sourced from local farmers, spend a portion of my very small clothing fund at local boutiques, and eat at more small/individual restaurants. I've shifted!

The first on my list to check out was the Saturday morning open air market on the Phoenix Public Market's lot. The fresh produce was absolutely beautiful, and at such a great price! 

I strolled from stall to stall, snapping photos, watching parents chase after their young children, women with bursting reusable bags, friends eating breakfast burritos and sipping iced coffees. 

I couldn't believe how busy it was, and so early!

I sampled homemade goat cheese, fresh bread, and had to pick up a few honey sticks. 
It all reminded me so much of Seattle.

As I was getting ready to leave, these beautiful flowers caught my attention. 
Normally I wouldn't spend the extra money to buy flowers, but the colors were just so beautiful! 

Better yet, they were only $1.50!
And with so many, I was able to split them up to make four whole bouquets which are sprinkled throughout my apartment. 

Total, I bought 13 carrots, 2 giant grapefruits, a head of lettuce, a zucchini, broccoli, a bushel of chives, a big sweet potato, bulb of garlic, honey sticks & the flowers. 



  1. i totally overslept and did not make it haha. but i am glad you got some good stuff!

  2. Haha! I was keeping my eyes peeled but didn't see you. Now I know why! I'm sure I'll be back again soon, you can't beat such fresh food.

    ❤ Katherine

  3. Wow! How amazing! It all looks soo good! I will have to go this next weekend! I love getting a head start on my day! Go you for supporting local!! :)


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