Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{You're the sauerkraut to my reuben}

I discovered Carly's Bistro in Downtown Phoenix one afternoon when my lovely coworkerfriends and I needed somewhere to pick up a quick and delicious sandwich. I got the Prosciutto sandwich – Black Mission Fig paste, Prosciutto, Gorgonzola & Provolone served on Napolitano bread. Um, drool.

Boyfriend & I decided to revisit for lunch.
I wasn't very hungry and ordered the Duo hummus appetizer, which ended up being a perfect lunch size. I ate half and brought half home, yay for snacks for later!

Mmmm hummus & olive tapenade, served with fresh warm pita bread.

They serve most of their meals and appetizers with either orzo salad, or these great terra chips.
This place is so very Seattle to me, it makes me miss home.
At least I can visit and peer out the window, imagining the rain droplets delicately hitting the side of the glass with big fluffy gray clouds hovering above. 
For now, all I see is desert dust and palm trees.

Chris ordered a Reuben with thousand island dressing.
He didn't like the chips.
They were waaaay too healthy.


  1. Gosh How could he hate the chips...those are my favorite! I buy them way too often

  2. Right?! Those chips are my favorite!

    He is crazy.


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