Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{In it to win it}

And by win it I mean finish the 30 days at the same time as everyone else. Can you win if everyone finishes at the exact same time? Hmm. Things to think about. 

More importantly,
 Hello 30 for 30!

The day has finally arrived.

Outfit 1 details:
Sweater, H&M
White long sleeve, J.Crew
Navy skirt, LOFT
Black&White oxfords, Urban Outfitters

First experience with picture taking, and not nearly as bad as I would have thought! My skilled photographer Chris did a fantastic job, which is probably not the smartest idea for him. Good photography skills means the reward of...taking more! 

I was still awkward the whole time.
Hopefully you can't tell.

Black Tights
Watch, Michael Kors
Ring, Melinda Maria

This wall is attached to a youth theater company building in Downtown Phoenix. A man on a motorized scooter passed by when we were taking pictures, zipping by headed towards a dumpster. Which he proceeded to dive into.
Gotta love Downtown.


  1. I am loving this look! Great start to the challenge.

  2. Great outfit! And what a cool backdrop! xoxo Kiki

  3. Adorable! That skirt is so cute. I wanted it, but they didn't have my size :( Oh, well! You look great in it! And I love your hair :)

  4. Love love love the photos. Wish I could get outside to take some but my man doesn't get home until it's dark outside. Maybe this weekend! Great Shoes too :) Can't wait to see how they work in other outfits.

  5. You look great! I'm having a hard time posing (this is my first time in 30x30) but you're a natural!

  6. Thank you all for your sweet comments! You're all making my day!


  7. I love these photos - your outfit is fabulous & very cute, and the background is really great. :] Good luck with the 30 for 30!

    XO Michelle

  8. Was checking out the remixer list and your blog name caught my eye. Love the first outfit, particularly those shoes. And don't worry - you don't look awkward at all!

  9. Thank you Julie! I could probably stand for some improvement:) But I appreciate the support!

  10. holy beautiful! you are seriously gorgeous! are you freaking out as much as me? it's only the second day--i hate being controlled hahah i feel like my closet has control over me for the month...


Reading your comments is the best, it makes my day! ❤K