Monday, January 10, 2011

{weekend pampering}

 1. clambake, 2. innocent, 3. prima ballerina, 4. jelly apple
I have always been a fan from a distance when it comes to essie nailpolish. I love the colors and have heard great product reviews from friends, magazines and fellow bloggers, but after many years of being a slave to O.P.I's 'Lincoln Park After Dark', 'Cajun Shrimp', 'Bogota Blackberry' and my seasonal favorite 'Ruby for Rudolph' it was hard to break free to try something new.

For Christmas I received J.Crew's  4-pack of essie polishes (thanks linker!), and treated myself to a mani+pedi over the weekend. I chose somewhat springy colors, but then again I do live in Phoenix and the weather will be sunny and 65+ all week! (72 on Friday! Sweat.)

For my nails: Prima Ballerina
For my toes: Clambake

The polish goes on great, and after 1 day I haven't seen a chip! My only small complaint is that it took four coats of paint on my nails for the color to look even, because it is such a light color. Not that big of deal, just took longer than usual and looks a little thick. Overall I do love the way the final product looks!


  1. ahh, i love love essie. they have such lovely bright shades!

  2. You're right! I can't believe I have waited this long to try them!


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