Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{Man vs. Food tour, Phillipe's}

The last stop on our journey!
We headed for LA, to visit my friend Sarah
and to visit Phillipe's, the last on our MVF west coast feast. 

The inside was packed, and the floor is covered in sawdust?

I will trade clean shoes for good food any day. 
Now to the famous french dip.
Drumroll please.....

It looks innocent enough.
Don't be fooled.
This french dip is delicious.
The meat is bathing in au jus when you order it,
the fresh french bread is dipped in the au jus before they assemble the sandwich.
The whole thing is so juicy & messy.

AND they serve it with spicy hot dijon mustard at your table! 
Mustard = win.

Especially when your boyfriend uses too much mustard, underestimating it like usual.
Which leads to coughing, hacking, crying & running to the bathroom,
leaving me clutching my sides laughing.
Beware of spicy attack mustard.

And thank you to Sarah for being a wonderful LA host!
Even if it was only for an hour,
and I had to use my phone GPS to get her home:)
Don't worry, you'll get your bearings eventually!

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