Wednesday, October 6, 2010

{new - phase 1}

I'm feeling overwhelmingly grown up.
The first week in my new apartment has started,
I picked it out all on my own.

{new home}

I'm all moved in,
I have no furniture,
only the few things I brought with me from Seattle.

{HUGE closet. score.}



This new adventure I am on is a bit stressful,
who knew there were so many things you need to buy to be functioning in a home? 
So many questions. 
For instance:
  • Why is toilet paper so expensive? Don't they know I need it?
  • Why are there so many gadgets in the kitchen section of Bed, Bath and Beyond? How on earth do you narrow it down to the necessities?
  • Could you pick one type of laundry detergent, and stick to it? Tide, cool your jets.
  • Why do people think it is acceptable to sell their ugly, stained, 15 year old couch on Craigslist listed as GORGUS*****VINTAGE****MUST SEE****COUCH $1. Then you click on it thinking you have found the unicorn of used furniture, only to find out it is lumpy, slanted on one side, dingy, and they are actually attempting to sell it for $300. 
  • Drives me crazy. And yes, person who thinks they're so clever, I noticed your typos.
I love it anyway.

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