Wednesday, March 24, 2010

{it's always sunny in...}

Not really. So when it is, we celebrate!

We were lucky enough to have an extremely mild winter this year in Seattle. It was even better over in Pullman at school, with freezing temperatures but hardly any snow! And everyone knows that WSU gets its fair share of snow normally. Moving into my first apartment at the bottom of a hill was risky, and it looks like mother nature took notice!

Only a few of us unlucky souls got to stay home for our last spring break. With senior year coming to a swift close, I decided it was best to save the bank account from its yearly drain (lets be honest, there is not that much left!), work a little and hang out with the family.

Any glimmer of sun usually warrants a trip across the bridge to Alki. With its beautiful boardwalk, walk on ferry, bubble tea, and restaurants galore, seattleites tend to flock there when temperatures hit minimum 57 degrees. Give us a break, we get excited.

Famous chowder from Dukes happy hour and boutique shopping filled the day. It was so nice! I can't wait until summer...


  1. Remember that you, me and Lauren are all buying an item from Pepper this summer. We can wear them around Seattle and take diva pictures.. what do you think?

  2. Oh absolutely!! I want something sparkly. Or hot pink and vinyl.


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