Monday, March 15, 2010

{good energy}

Spring break in Seattle generally means rain, cloudy skies, the idea of fun plans, but the reality of sitting on my couch.

With a day off from work, I headed into downtown with my dad to enjoy breakfast at Portage Bay Cafe. For any Seattleites out there, if you haven't been, go. The food is organic, delicious, and the famous toppings bar is SO GOOD. It is a father-daughter tradition to go whenever I am home, and I just need it.

En route to the restaurant, I passed an antique store which was begging me to enter. I am not one to disappoint, and thank goodness for that! Woohoo vintage ring! I might be in love.

{smoky topaz, teardrop}

Multiple people have told me that when people own jewelry for a long time, it begins to carry energy. Heres to hoping that whoever owned this before me was a good person!

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