Saturday, February 20, 2010

{taking a break}

Last week was rough. Multiple tests, projects, lots of work to do at my internship, applying to post-graduation jobs and all squeezed into 4 days. Being a senior in college, I am still slightly struggling with a case of procrastination. I did not get much sleep.

Way too much to do and not enough hours usually results in me stressing myself into oblivion. This time, I decided to actually take a break and relax a bit so I could be productive later.

There is a Starbucks conveniently located right near my apartment, and with an hour break between classes I walked down with a good book, for coffee and breakfast.

I love oatmeal. It warms me up, fills me up, and makes me happy. Starbucks oatmeal = delicious.

The love cups definitely added to the experience. The one quiet hour I was there I completely forgot about all the millions of things I had going on. (blatant exaggeration). It was so calm! I will be doing this again.

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