Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{hello cupcake, be mine}

I love valentines day. The one day a year that pink & red look good together, love is everywhere, it is assumed you will watch sappy love movies all day, and there are no judgements on overeating chocolate.

Whether you have a love to spend the day with or not (cats, mothers and best friends are ALWAYS allowed), it is a great day to celebrate love!

Therefore I am dedicating the rest of my weeks blog posts to all this love-ish.

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  1. FALSE! you will not watch sappy love movies all day... or EVER for that matter. In the words of my girl B, "let me upgrade you". Love movies are not real life. If you need to watch a movie here are the acceptable categories: Killing, paranormal, paranormal killing, mystery, sci-fi, action and inspirational. Inspirational movies are not the same as love movies.
    Happy viewing!

    Your biggest fan Leslie B

    p.s. I think I just did a sparklefarkle in my pants


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