Monday, January 11, 2010

{a year in review}

I am moving pretty slow this year. Having more resolutions than I can count, I need to narrow them down to the ones that are the most important to me. And of course the ones I can accomplish realistically (moving into my beautiful penthouse apartment in downtown Seattle right after I graduate may be a bit of a stretch).

Looking back, 2009 was an amazing year. I traveled, worked, learned, and watched time fly by. 2009 was the time I discovered blogs, so it must have been good!

Here are some highlights:

(1) Last Spring break I traveled to Florence, Italy to visit my roommate who was studying abroad.

{plus--cappuccinos} {minus--exchange rate}

(2) In summer, I completed my first internship with Barokas Public Relations in Seattle. It solidified my need to work in PR!
{plus--felt entirely too cool commuting on the bus each morning} {minus--unpaid}

(3) I started my senior year in college...Hello world, here I come!

{plus--last year of homework} {minus--no longer living right next door to all of my friends. me, dead center}

{the last cougar football saturdays as a student....bittersweet}

(4) I turned 21!

{plus--ordering wine with dinner} {minus--um...?}

(5) And celebrated the big 2-1 in Vegas

{plus--EVERYTHING} {minus--slight gambling addiction}

And that brings us pretty much up to date. With the exception of my favorite holidays, Christmas&Halloween, the remainder of the year has been pretty mellow. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

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