Friday, January 8, 2010

{happy new year}

At 9am this morning, I picked up my previously very sick computer from the Apple store. TA-DAH! Working, functioning, alive and well MacBook. After a month and a half of computer-less driven sadness, we are reunited.

So...HAPPY NEW YEAR! A week late, but happy none the less. New Years resolution #1 is to work on my blog. The master plan was to relaunch myself out into the Internet abyss on January 1st, but the postal service had other ideas.

Empty computer in hand, with no files, music, photos, or any sort of saved memory from the last hard drive, it seemed appropriate to begin blogging. It feels like a forced cleanse, and a welcome one at that.

I begin my last semester in college on Monday, and who knows where life will take me. I may as well keep track. Happy reading.

{I think that blog posts without pictures are boring, so here is one salvaged from my Facebook}

Wishing I was back in Italy! A very close friend of mine recently left to studying abroad, and she is quite missed. Photo taken on my travels last Spring.

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