Hi & welcome!
I'm Katherine.

Currently, I live in sunny Phoenix, working by day doing PR for a luxury retailer, and by night, happy houring, baking, exploring this lovely city, crafting and of course, blogging. 

This blog is documentation of my move to a new city after graduation, starting a new job, decorating a new apartment, drinking multiple coffees a day, and figuring out all the little things about myself I didn't use to know. I think they call this growing up. It's pretty wonderful.

At some point in my life (professional or otherwise), I'd like to delve into interior design, wedding planning, entrepreneurship, and master the art of the espresso machine. I'm a hopeless romantic, cherish my family & friendships above all else, love traveling, new friends & graham cracker frozen yogurt.

You can also find me at: 
twitter // @kthornhill
instagram // sparklefarkle
pinterest // kthornhill 
phoenix style collective // co-founder

say hi! katherine {at} luckyandinlove.com